A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.

Eirene Health Shop was founded in 1999 when Christo and Linnie Lues decided they needed to answer a calling on their lives to teach and heal people.

Christo originally qualified as an electronic engineer and specialized in biomedical engineering in the late 1980's. Linnie qualified as a dietitian specializing in diabetes and infertility.

While running successful practices their oldest son fell critically ill after a vaccination. After conventional medicine had given up on the cause for the sick child, they turned to natural medicine. It took them many months to connect the vaccination to his subsequent illness.

Guided by God's grace and patient natural medicine practitioners, their oldest son became well and started thriving after years of chronic illness.

Christo was so impressed and intrigued by what natural medicine could accomplish that he started studying natural medicine in depth. He studied energy medicine for a number of years gaining a thorough understanding of the workings of the energetic systems of the body. Backed by his biomedical background a new world opened when he discovered the world of quantum physics and the influence it has on the human body. Homeopathy made sense for the first time!

Wanting to learn more about what the body needed to function optimally he studied clinical nutrition. He practiced this for some years when he came cross Live Blood Analysis. This was new  in South Africa at the time, and Christo realised that this was what was missing in his practice. He was trained and now specializes in Live Blood Analysis. Christo is reckoned amongst his colleagues as one of South Africa's foremost naturopaths.  

Christo became more and more frustrated with continual contradictory advice his clients were receiving from other sources, and with their lack of common knowledge about natural medicine. This led him produce a six part professional DVD Understanding The Health Puzzle  in 2007 to assist his clients. It has since been screened numerous times on television.

Since then Christo produced various courses and lectures on natural First Aid, Children’s Illnesses and many more.

Christo and Linnie are happily married for 26 years and have been blessed with eight very healthy children. 

5 reasons WHY  customers say they really like Eirene Health Shop

1.   You invest time listening to our concerns and our questions when things are confusing to us.

2. We have experienced for ourselves that your professional, truthful advice works.

3.  You are able to give accurate advice and the correct products when we are unsure.

4. Many of us started out as customers and have now become your friends.

5. We love your ethics and the fact that you have been successful in health for more than 15 years.

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The fact is that we really care for our customers, and they feel it. It's the reason they keep coming back to us for their health advice and the products and services we offer. This is the sort of relationship we'd like to start with YOU.

So if you care about what you look like on the inside, you are warmly welcome to browse our site, drop us a personal note, friend us on our  Facebook page or Twitter

We look forward to meeting you when you pop into our NEW store in Heritage Square Durbnville

You don't have to be unwell to get better…

Over the years we have consulted literally thousands of people - mothers with newborns, overworked executives, cold-owners who can't shake the symptoms, teenagers battling with ADD or other concentration issues, families who recognize that health is worth investing in, cancer sufferers, AIDS sufferers, hormonal women, diabetics old and young, retirees who want to do old age health-fully, grandparents who want to see grandchildren grow up, weight watchers who want to shed the excess, frail older women with brittle bones and the melancholics who've given up hope of leading a normal pain free or happy life.


They become part of the Eirene Health Shop family and at the same time have contributed magnificently to our depth of experience and deep knowledge-base that we have built up over the years.

This means that we are well-placed to serve you with excellence in your need. So whether you are terminally ill, temporarily ailing, in need of help with a health condition for yourself or a loved one; stressed/exhausted with doing life or simply wanting to be the best that you can be … we can help you with sound advice, well-researched and additive-free products as well as a team who really do care.

Eirene Health Shop has been in existence since 2000. 

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You are not an experiment when you come to us for advice!


Only High quality products

We stock only handpicked, high quality food supplements. We have the choice to stock just about anything on the market - but we don't. We prefer to deal only with companies that have a high standard of integrity, ethics and reliability. From vast experience over the years, we have been able to discern between good, bad and ugly supplements. Our approach is to first help you “Cleanse” your body, then “Nourish” it, and then “Balance” where needed. Our whole approach is around getting the body’s pH (acid/alkaline) balance restored to 7.5 as studies show that if your pH is not right, NOTHING in the body will work optimally.


No addititves

We do not sell supplements or food products that contain fillers, binders and other potentially harmful substances. We strive to only stock the best products at the best prices.

Healthy food available

Healthy food is very hard to come by, and we go the extra mile in finding it for your convenience. If we cannot serve a freshly baked product, we do our best to supply you with quality ingredients to bake your own. If you do not have a recipe, just ask one of our highly skilled sales staff for a copy of your required recipe.


Personal attention

When you visit us, personal & individual attention is what you will get. Our clients become friends and are treated as such. We realize that living healthy and supplementing is expensive, thus we keep our prices competitive and always deal on a win-win basis with our clients.

We would love to meet and help you - do pop into our store!

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