Help, I have Hay Fever

OK, so you are sneezing, can't see where you go and your eyes look like you had a few very late nights!


The only thing you want to do is get a shot or a pill to chill untill it passes. Only problem is that you would sleep through your day, as life goes on for other people. This is when that luring cortisone shot seems awefully attractive (barr the  terrible side effects)


Do not dispair, there are natural ways around this!

Step one


The less water you drink, the more Histamine your body produces - making everyting run and itch. So instead of taking anti-Histamine - rather increase your water intake. If you apply the following formula you will drink the correct amount of water:

Your GOAL weight x 0.7 / by 14 days = amount of water per day / by 250ml gives you the number of glasses per day

Example: 70kg x 0.7 = 49L (water content of your body) / 14 days = 3.5L water per day / by 250ml glass = 14 glasses of water per day.

At this point you realize then that drinking 14 glasses of tap water may kill you! You may just be correct, so please get quality water. I recommend Nestlè or Valpre water. If you have a KDF type filter, you are winning.

Step two


Remove ALL wheat and wheat containing products from your diet. This means bread, muffins, pancakes, biscuits and crackers made from wheat. Alternatives to these are products made from 100% rye and spelt or rice.


Remove all dairy and dairy containing products from your diet for 2-3months. This means milk, cream, cheese, yogurt and ice-cream. Butter is ok to use in moderation.

Alternatives can be rice milk.

Step three

The following supplements may help modulate your over-responsive immune system, and bring safe relief.

Elderberry capsules


In severe attacks try using 2 capsules every hour, and there after 2-3x per day.


Try 1-2 Capsules 3 x per day


Try 2 capsules (2000mg) per hour in severe attacks, and there after 2-3x per day

I have found that when nothing seems to work, taking 1 each of the following hourly brings immediate relief:


Homeopathic remedies are very specific and if you find the CORRECT one for you personally, it can work instantaneously! Here we may look at the following:

Hay F tablets by Natura

Mixed Allergins by Natura

Sinfrontal by Natura

Allergies by Cheyne’s 

If you have Blocked sinus passages or acute sinusitis rather use SinuGo

I hope this helps! Some of us live in areas polluted by farmers in the area. This is  so sad, as these ruthless crop spraying individuals don't seem to think twice, spraying (sometimes daily) in and near residential areas. When confronted, the knee jerk answer is that there is "no proof" that the chemicals they spray cause asthma and allergies, and that they are allowed to spray. Do we just accept this…?



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