Water "testing" and Reverse Osmosis

A Short note on “water testing” and Reverse Osmosis


I often have clients tell me how they receive a phone call from a supposed “city official” to come test their water. This person then rocks up at home and asks for some water from your tap (or a present filter in your home).


They then proceed by putting 2 electrodes into your water and plugs their “tester” into the wall socket. Almost instantly the water turns an ugly dark colour.


Instantly people don’t want to drink that water! (would you?)  But wait - there’s more, he now pulls out a fancy electronic meter to explain why the water turns dark. This is called a TDS meter, which tests the level of total dissolved solids in your water. Coming out of a tap, this reading is high (varying from place to place)  explaining why your water produces such a dark colour under this “test”


The water produced by the filter that the sales person want’s to sell you (Usually a Reverse Osmosis or RO or a distiller) does not turn the water dark and has a very low TDS reading.


So what - you may ask.


Well, for a start the fact that your water turns dark, does not tell you anything, really. If you were to take the RO or Distilled water and add a teaspoon of ordinary table salt, it would produce the same result, as would adding beneficial minerals like coral calcium or Concentrace. So the TDS simply tells you that there is something in the water (and they suggest that it must be bad) but cannot tell you whether the stuff in the water is good or bad. The sales person will then also tell you that we as humans are supposed to consume pure H2O - nothing else.


Well nothing could be further from the truth!

You never find PURE H2O as drinking water in nature. The water would evaporate and then rain out over the mountains and accumulate all the good minerals from the rocks that is vital for good health. (Try doing a TDS test on spring water....!)

If your body (being high in minerals) receive on an ongoing basis water that is completely stripped of any minerals, both good and bad, then the RO water (having no minerals in it) will leach (rob) minerals out your body on an ongoing basis. This will result in a body low in minerals and becoming cancerous and diseased in the long term.

By the way: Do NOT believe the lie you are being fed that you get all the minerals from your veggies end fruit. Here are a few reasons why you don’t

1. Of the 72 trace minerals needed by the body, the profit driven chemically minded farmer only replaces 3 minerals to soil namely, N, P and K

2. If plants are not grown 100% organically but you put more into the soil, the micro-organisms that manufacture plant food for the plant, does not exist.

3. 100% Organic, non GM, vine ripened fruit and vegetables are VERY SCARCE!!!


So the TDS and the electrolysis “test” does not mean much - unless you KNOW for SURE what’s causing the TDS to be high. If you add good minerals to your water you want the TDS to show a higher  reading.


So want If you have bought a Reverse osmosis filter or a distiller?

I hate to break the news to you, but for a start you paid way too much. Secondly you have to add minerals to EVERY single glass of drinking water you will consume coming out of your filter. In some instances (if you bought from a reputable retailer) they would change your water filtration system to a KDF type filter, or install a mineral supply module (pushing up your TDS)

(On most RO units you can have the membrane by-passed by a technician. You can then have one of your 3 white cylinder’s inside chanced to a KDF module. This will insure high quality water but not stripped to worthless acidic clear fluid)


We still recommend a KDF type filter.

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