Why are most doctors against natural medicine?


And why do people have blind faith in their doctors?

This is what I hear and see many times a week! Most people that hear a truth about their health for the first time, just cannot understand why their own well meaning GP or specialist does not know or is not interested in learning better alternatives to current medical practices. 

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Medical practitioners will more than often scoff at natural medicinal practices or simply make it off as unscientific or old wives tales, even when presented with solid research backed facts. 

Many years ago a then friend of mine, Charl Du Randt, published a book called "Demonised Doctoring" The book was considdred extrimistic at the time, but now, more than a decade later, we know that everything was true that he wrote.

The book is now only available in electronic format, is FREE and is excellent reading for someone struggeling to understand why, if natural medicine is so good, is it not used by everyone. If that is you then read more…

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