Online Consultation



Many people live far or even abroad, and find it impractical to come in to see Christo for a personal assessment. They would usually communicate via e-mail, but in the process of mailing backward and forward much of the vital information that would be discovered in a personal consultation is often missed. This results in inaccurate or incomplete help. To circumvent this, Christo has developed a specific, confidential electronic consultation. 


For who?

This can be done for any person anywhere. If you suffer from any number of ailments; ranging from tiredness, mood swings, excess weight, low libido, allergies, hormonal imbalances, bad skin, IBS, focus and concentration issues to more serious conditions like auto-immune diseases, arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol issues, blood pressure or even cancer and more.

You may just want to live healthier and are uncertain if what you are doing is effective.

Although getting a personal Live Blood Analysis remains first prize, this electronic consultation comes as a further and much needed service to clients, to make living healthy despite a busy lifestyle more accessible.


When a personal e-Consultation is booked, then you will receive an extensive electronic questionnaire to be completed. Once completed, the electronic questionnaire is submitted electronically to Christo. 

Upon receiving the questionnaire, Christo will make specific suggestions regarding (usually an initial 5-day detox program) dietary changes, general issues that may affect the person's health negatively and suggest certain food supplements as needed. A 5-day detox menu will also be provided to make detox an easy yet effective process specific to the person.

Upon completion of the initial 5-day detox (if it is required) the person will fill in a different electronic follow-up questionnaire and submit that back to Christo. This will give Christo a good insight into how effective the detox process has been.

Why not book your first e-Consultation today, and start living the good life again?


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