Chicken Strip Salad

Chicken Strips (Ingredients)

500g Free Range Chicken Fillets

2 Cups Spelt Flour

2 TBS Dried Thyme Leaves

2 TBS Non Irritating Curry Powder

2 TBS Herbamare Herbal salt

Butter/Palm Fruit oil for frying



Slice Chicken fillets into thin slices.

Mix every thing together in a bowl (except the Chicken)

Heat butter/Palm fruit oil in a sauce pan.


Dip the chicken strips in the flour/herb mix. Shake off excess flour.

Fry in the pan until light brown.

Put on a cooling rack to drip and cool.


Salad (Ingredients)

200-300g Rice Vermicelli Pasta

Lettuce leaves


Red Onions


Cherry Tomatoes

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Himalayan Salt

Olive Oil




Boil the Rice Vermicelli for 2 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold filtered water.

Wash all the salad ingredients (salt water / H2O2 is prefered)

 Slice & decorate the plate with the lettuce leaves.

Put well drained rice pasta on the leaves.


Put all the other salad ingredients on the pasta.

If you would like to season the salad - now is the time: Sprinkle some fine Himalayan salt, some olive oil and some apple cider vinegar.


Lastly add the cooled chicken strips on top.

Enjoy with a glass of GOOD ORGANIC wine or what you prefer!

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