Christo Speaks about Facts, Fairy Tales & Viruses

Links mentioned in the video:

Dr. Kaufman explains in detail how the virus was never isolated

Del Bigtree interview Dr. Kaufman (we used extracts from this video in our video)

Dr.Mercola interview Dr Denis Rancourt

Dr Stephan Lanka questions the existence of a virus

South Africa Minister of health won’t release where they got their advise

Head of Ezintsha at Wits University, Professor Francois Venter, says testing for Covid-19 is waste of time, money, and hospital resources.

What now….?

Watch/support Desmond Bernardo OODEZZ

Agenda 21 (Justice Kilian)

Move One Million Jarret Petzer

Liberty Fighters (Ryno De Beer)

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Christo answers questions about the Corona Virus

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Pasteur vs Bechamp click here

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Dr. Peter D’Adamo on Corona click here

Christo explains how to protect yourself agains a virus

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Christo explains how to regain your grip on health

How to bake Spelt Bread

How to fight colds & Flu Naturally & what to use that WORKS!

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Natural remedies to help parents to know what to do when children get sick

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